Covid-19 and CLM : An effective alternative

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and heavily regulated. As well, promotional activities are subject to strict legislation. Today, healthcare professionals are seeking to …

Covid-19 and CLM : An effective alternative


The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and heavily regulated. As well, promotional activities are subject to strict legislation. Today, healthcare professionals are seeking to provide patients with personalized healthcare. The challenge is then to stand out and improve their communication strategies.

Moreover, the situation of Covid-19 is an opportunity for digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. As Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

So, which digital solution should be adopted?

The benefits of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

While you interact with your audience, data is collected and analyzed by the CLM software, allowing you to study your audience’s behavior. This prospecting tool is remarkably effective when understanding the reasoning of your audience and designing adequate communication.

In the future, you will be able to adapt and personalize your content according to your audience, which will adjust and improve interactivity. Then, your audience can be segmented by profile and your campaigns can be targeted.

The needs and expectations of healthcare professionals are identified. CLM helps clients get to know better their target audience which brings satisfaction and confidence.

Pixels Health strengthens your relationship with your audience and keeps your contacts engaged. We have proven our experience and expertise to be effective with our clients (Sanofi, Merck Group, Novo Nordisk, Pierre-Fabre, …).

The e-detailing trend

The pandemic crisis urged pharmaceutical companies to adapt to digital transformation. They have to adapt and invest in innovative digital solutions. Pharma companies should also be able to keep in contact with healthcare professionals and promote their products remotely. Therefore, e-detailing is the solution to address the challenges they face.

This promotional activity is becoming increasingly common for CLM. This communication channel has become a real trend during confinement. Pixels Health has witnessed the explosion of the demand for this digital solution and the companies’ growing interest in it.

Besides, the medical representative can no longer communicate with healthcare professionals face-to-face. Many events are canceled and the number of visits is restricted. So, many representatives have shifted from in-person to virtual meetings using remote presentations.

As a result, Pixels Health contributes effectively to meeting the needs of today’s communication. Veeva and IQVIA are assisting us in optimizing our software solutions, including Engage and Kadrige platforms.

Back to traditional presentations

In the future, e-detailing will eventually be replaced by more traditional face-to-face presentations. Such presentations allow more personal contact with the targeted audience and increase the efficiency of pharma representatives in the field.

It has become crucial to adopt e-detailing. Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical industry is yearning to get back to direct exchanges.

This method increased the number of meetings between pharma representatives and healthcare professionals. During their exchange, the medical representative provides valuable content and an understanding of the audience’s expectations.

Pixels Health uses Kadrige OCE (Orchestrated Customer Engagement) and MI (Market Intelligence) platforms as well as Veeva Vault. We do guarantee relevant and effective solutions.

The pandemic crisis has had a real impact on how pharma industries perceive digitalization. Pixels Health will assist you during this amazing experience!