Flukemon Game

A game to teach and explain to children the prevention measures against coronavirus

Connect Game

A full web application with an ergonomic design that includes a presentation and an interactive quiz game for the audience

Plan My Campaign

A digital workshop that connects multiple teams at the same time to communicate and collaborate together, in order to create an effective customer journey

E-commerce website

Vesta Biosciences
A website with a fresh design that offers visitors an easy way to learn about Vesta Biosciences’ products and find the information they need

Dosage Calculator And Interactive SmPC

Novo Nordisk
A tool that helps HCPs calculate and prescribe the appropriate dose of any medication for their patients

Serious Game for Doctors

To promote learning through interactive quizzes, tutorials and activities using VR or AR technologies

Branding and Digital Strategy

La Pharmacie
We develop successful digital brand strategies to effectively communicate your brand’s identity

My Answers

To help medical representatives provide concise responses to HCPs questions in a shorter time

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

To help HCPs discuss prevention and treatment goals with their patients through an interactive virtual character

Augmented reality in retail

To show the different features of a product and its visual context such as shelves in a pharmacy area

Data management platform

To help healthcare professionals collect data on different pathologies and share their knowledge and research findings

OTC products corner in pharmacies

Pierre Fabre
To attract customer’s attention, provide entertainment, offer information, and influence purchase decisions

Disease info corner in pharmacies

Provide advice and guidance to patients to help them manage their disease

Ramadan fasting risk

To assess the risk of fasting in patients with diabetes during Ramadan