Serious Games : A pedagogy for the future ?

An individual remembers 30% of what he sees and 90% of what he does. The Serious Game becomes the powerful and privileged tool. Pedagogical or promotional issues, it combines …

Serious Games : A pedagogy for the future ?


People remember 30% of what they see and 90% of what they do

Serious games have become a powerful and privileged tool for both pedagogical and promotional purposes, as they combine the elements of play and learning.

Serious games have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with many companies using them for training, promotion, or communication programs.

These learning environments immerse users in a fictitious situation through a video game simulation. However, serious games go beyond entertainment, they are powerful tools for professionals to effectively convey valuable messages and knowledge.

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Serious Games and Health

Serious games have a significant impact on the healthcare sector, particularly in the training of healthcare personnel.

Used for educational purposes, serious games are a complementary method to traditional teaching. They provide training opportunities for healthcare professionals in which doctors and nurses are faced with real-life scenarios, allowing them to react better in emergency situations.

However, serious games are not just limited to training healthcare professionals. Patients can also benefit from this approach. Serious games ensure an adapted follow-up and extend the benefits of therapy. The playful aspect allows for rapid learning, better understanding of the disease, and reduced pain.

This method promotes disease awareness and knowledge. For example, it is used to educate people about emergency procedures, which can save many lives. Serious games help prevent and control various health problems.

From now on, the public plays a fundamental role in their own health.

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Benefits of Serious Games

Serious Games are versatile tools that can be applied to various areas of healthcare and target diverse audiences. They are an effective method for promoting understanding, cohesion, and education through interactive simulations and realistic scenarios.

By utilizing Serious Games, healthcare professionals can now receive training remotely, at their own pace, and at any time. This results in a significant improvement in their skills and experience.

Research has shown that the combination of playing video games and learning can optimize performance and coordination. For example, one study found that surgeons’ scores on tests of surgical skills were 42% higher when they used Serious Games as part of their training.

Pixels Health aims to enhance confidence, immersion, and physician autonomy while also promoting patient awareness and rehabilitation. We collaborate with Sanofi and other pharmaceutical companies to develop cutting-edge Serious Games, such as treasure hunts, round tables, quizzes, and more. Recently, we developed a new Serious Game to educate children on how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

At Pixels Health, we specialize in creating compelling graphic scenarios and building personalized apps. Our communication and information exchange tools will provide you with an exceptional experience that is both informative and engaging.