Serious Game : Pedagogy of the future ?

An individual remembers 30% of what he sees and 90% of what he does. The Serious Game becomes the powerful and privileged tool. Pedagogical or promotional issues, it combines …

Serious Game : Pedagogy of the future ?


An individual remembers 30% of what he sees and 90% of what he does.

The Serious Game becomes the powerful and privileged tool. Pedagogical or promotional issues, it combines playful mechanisms and learning.

Having gained in popularity over the past several years, it is now very widespread and used. Many companies integrate it into their training, promotion or communication programs.

This learning environment places the user in a fictitious situation, a simulation taking the form of a video game. But the Serious Game really surpasses the entertainment dimension. It is a powerful tool at the service of professionals, promoting the transmission of a useful message, a knowledge.

Serious Game and Health

The majority of existing Serious Games concern the world of health, and in particular the training of healthcare personnel.

Used in learning, the Serious Game is a relevant complement to traditional teaching methods. It promotes an effective training of health professionals where virtual reality games will place doctors and nurses in realistic situations. Prepared for emergency situations, health actors will be able to better react to critical cases.

But the Serious Game is not just about training doctors. Patients also want to benefit from this powerful approach. The Serious Game guarantees them an adapted follow-up and re-education, prolonging the benefits of the sessions with the therapist. The playful touch allows for rapid learning, helping them to better understand their disease and reducing the pain they feel.

This approach facilitates awareness and understanding of diseases or medical examinations. For example, it can train in emergency procedures, and thus help to save many lives. In the service of medical diagnosis, the Serious Game prevents and fights against disorders.

It is a real interaction with the environment. Raising awareness, providing information or training… The general public is now an actor in its own health!

The benefits of the Serious Game

Training of health professionals, therapeutic pedagogy for the patient, complementing medical visits, the Serious Game is suitable for all health fields and all audiences.

This valuable approach facilitates the comprehension, cohesion and education. The interactivity of this tool notably enriches the user’s journey and the transmission of information. With the help of simulations and scenarios, the user will develop know-how and automatisms.

Healthcare professionals can now train remotely, at their own rhythm and according to their needs. Their skills and experience improve considerably. Numerous studies show that combining video games and learning optimizes performance and coordination. Surgeons would increase their score by 42%.

By offering you relevant Serious Games, Pixels Health improves the confidence, immersion and autonomy of healthcare professionals and promotes patient awareness and rehabilitation.

Treasure hunts on your production sites, doctors’ round tables with virtual patients, question and answer quizzes to validate your knowledge… Pixels Health is already working with Sanofi and other pharmaceutical industries to develop innovative Serious Games. A new Serious Game is currently being created in order to raise children’s awareness of the gestures and good habits to adopt when faced with the flu.

Pixels Health is in charge of creating your graphic environments, your scenarios and the creation of your applications. This communication and information tool guarantees you and your patients a unique experience.

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