Innovation through Automation: HTML Conversion by Pixels Health

Innovation through Automation: HTML Conversion by Pixels Health

Changing CRM is a complex and costly task, especially for pharmaceutical companies that utilize systems like IQVIA, MI or Veeva.

The migration of content and data poses a great challenge that can lead to delays, additional costs, and a loss of efficiency.

At Pixels Health, we have developed a game-changing solution: HTML conversion automation module. This solution enables companies to seamlessly migrate from IQVIA MI to Veeva without any loss of data.


HTML Conversion Automation

Key Benefits

Save Time and Cost

Our HTML conversion module enables companies to save time and costs by automating the migration process. Our tools analyze customer content and data, then automatically convert them into the new CRM.

With our solution, companies can :

  • Migrate their content and data in a few weeks, compared with several months or even years with manual migration.
  • Avoid conversion errors : Automation minimizes the risk of conversion errors, ensuring data integrity and consistency throughout the migration.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our solution reduces migration costs, making it an economically viable choice for businesses of all sizes.

A Trusted Partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We are partners with pharmaceutical companies seeking a seamless transition from MI or IQVIA to Veeva.
We have extensive expertise in both systems and excel in delivering customized solutions that precisely align with our clients’ specific needs.

Focus on Innovation and Efficiency

At Pixels Health, we are committed to innovation. We did choose to automate the HTML conversion process to enable our clients to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Pixels Health is your ally for a seamless and cost-effective CRM transition. Dive into the age of automation with us and discover a smarter way to manage your HTML conversions.

It’s time to embrace the future of data management !

To find out more about our HTML conversion automation module, contact us.

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