How to explain the explosion of Click & Collect in the pharmaceutical industry ?

Making appointments, contacting your pharmacist, ordering paramedical products…Consumption habits and patient-customer requirements are constantly changing. According to the …

How to explain the explosion of Click & Collect in the pharmaceutical industry ?


Making appointments, contacting your pharmacist, ordering paramedical products…Consumption habits and patient-customer requirements are constantly changing.

According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, “9 out of 10 Internet users order on the Internet”.

Today, the customer adopts a new behaviour: the ROPO “Research Online, Purchase Offline”. The aim is to locate the product online before going to the store. It is to meet this new type of need that the Click & Collect phenomenon is developing.

This cross-channel strategy makes it possible to meet the challenges of the market and competitive pressure. The Click & Collect concept seduce to both patient-customers and pharmacies.

A growing trend

For several years now, pharmacies have been looking to innovate, reinvent themselves and rethink their organization. Increasingly partisans of Click & Collect, they can now better respond to customers’ need for immediacy as well as to their most complex requests.

This trend is gaining popularity all over the world, with customers constantly looking for fast and quality services!

With the current circumstances and the epidemic crisis of the Covid-19, Click & Collect is booming. It represents a valuable service for many retailers who are struggling to maintain their business in these delicate times.

Companies must adapt in order to continue their sales and serve their customers. With the obligation to minimize human contact, many companies are promoting and developing Click & Collect. This situation represents for them the opportunity to digitalize and offer new services.

But this trend will not stop with the decontaiment. This service will truly continue in the future. And client-patients who did not use the internet and Click & Collect before have now developed new habits during the containment.

A doubly winning service

What are the benefits for the client-patient?

Nowadays, the consumer prefers to move around rather than pay extra delivery charges. With the help of Click & Collect, he can order his products online and quickly collect his order free of charge and securely in a pharmacy. This is a real time-saver.

This strategy represents a comfort of purchase, with the possibility to make sure that the product is available in the store before moving. Click & Collect improves the customer experience and facilitates the buying process. No more queues and unavailable products!

Dialogue and close relationships are also maintained. Patients can get advice online and communicate by message with pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

What are the benefits for pharmacies?

Pharmacies that make Click & Collect available will particularly increase their traffic.

In addition to attracting a new target customer base, patients will discover new products, contributing to the increase in sales.

A recent study shows that nearly 2/3 of customers visit the pharmacy when they pick up their order and 1/3 make additional purchases. According to Next Content, Click & Collect allows companies to generate up to 50% additional sales.

This is a very effective way to build customer-patient loyalty and save time (preparation and dispatch of parcels for a classic delivery, time at the checkout).The pharmacy differentiates itself from competitors, gains visibility and increases its market share.

The pharmacist becomes a real health contact!

On the side of Pixels Health

Pixels Health has created a unique application for LaPharmacie Rive Gauche based in Geneva. Using this tool, the patient scans his prescription, which will be immediately taken into account by the pharmacist.

Additional services enrich the application, such as a reminder to take medication or making an appointment for a medical test. This facilitates contact with a healthcare professional at any time.

The application consists of a “Pedometer” function that offers the user the possibility to win gift coupons based on the number of steps taken during the day.

It is a customer personalization that responds to the well-being of each patient.


Similarly, Pixels Health contributed to the launch of Click & Collect in Tunisia with its TunPharma application. Destined to facilitate the location of pharmacies, it brings together all the country’s pharmacies.

As the first mobile application entirely dedicated to the detection of pharmacies, TunPharma won the prize for innovative application at the 9th edition of the Africa Telecom People exhibition in 2013.

Using its geolocation system, TunPharma locates pharmacies in the proximity of the user. It indicates opening hours and locates pharmacies on duty. As we know, it is not easy to find a pharmacy that is open at night or on weekends.

At the same time, Pixels Health provides a solution: Scan & Collect, which allows to order medicines online. The patient scans his prescription and sends it directly to the pharmacy of his choice. He can then track the status of his order and retrieve it quickly and securely.


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